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About Remo Conference

Remo Conference ( helps creators, coaches, and event organizers create immersive online events right from your computer Chrome browser where users can learn and connect with each other just like real life, right from your computer browser. Remo is the first web-video platform that allows people to have face-to-face networking online just like in-person events that build meaningful relationships and conversations.

Looking to hire a startup recruiter (individual) to recruit REMOTE engineers, UI/UX and product designer). Recruits all remote workers, scope is global, and non-western countries. We are looking for someone to run as much of our test-based strategy as s/he can and reducing the interviews that the team needs to internally do.

- Candidate sourcing (Tech, Product, CX, BD, Marketing, Operations)

- Form candidate sourcing strategy and build out pipeline

- Develop an agile, efficient recruitment and talent assessment process

- Work with various departments to fulfil open positions across the company

- Develop and implement an onboarding process for new recruits

Can you help answer these questions in our interview?

* Share how you have found top tier talent in countries that have competitively priced talent

* Share a time when you worked with a startup and hired their first 5 employees. How did you do it? What were the results?

* Explain the different steps in your recruiting process

* What techniques do you use to ensure the candidate is as good as he says he is and fits the team

* How do you test for someone that has strong customer empathy?

* How do you test someone for being proactive?

* How useful are interviews and resumes?


* A solid network of tech startup talent globally

* Outbound - Knows how to reach out to talent in established tech startups

* Inbound - Knows how to create an inbound funnel for outstanding candidates

* Understand how to create an effective recruitment process that can bring in outstanding candidates from unlikely geographical locations

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